Frequently Asked Questions - Spare part related

At ENITCO's head office in front of African Union new building and Kality centers behind CRBC office. You may also get at your nearby subdealer's shop.

The main difference between genuine & non-genuine part is the quality of material, durability & performance.

We keep service parts and other recommended spare parts for vehicles imported through ENITCO as much as possible.

It is quite reasonable compared to others .

You can get whatever support you desire with respect to after-sales support from our Kality Center where we are well positioned and organized to serve you; you may ge a call to the number 0946 41 52 61 for quick advice.

Head Office:-
In front of New African Union Building; Adjacent to Orbis Trading.

+ 251 1 551 46 61/51 45 39/51 47 81/50 65 84.

Fax: + 251 11 551 20 55/51 48 44.


Kality Center:-
Wereda 5, Akaki Kality Sub-city; next to CRBC Head Office (China Road and Bridge Corporation Addis Engineering).
Heavy Duty Vehicles After Sales:  +251 91 14 1569, +251 91 140 6305
Machinery & Equipment Sales and After Sales:   + 251 91 146 2091, +251 11 439 2062.

It's quite reasonable for the quality and lasting service life.

It is not easy to differentiate the original from the non-original. However, you are sure of the parts originality if you buy them from the distributor or appointed dealers.