Export of Agricultural Products

Ethio-Nippon Technical Company S.C. (ENITCO), established in May 1969, has been doing business since the last five decades with reputed brand partners.

Our export business delivers superior Ethiopian Agricultural products to the rest of the world. We offer an extensive range of top quality oil seeds, Pulses, Spices and Green Coffee Beans of Ethiopian Origin both washed & natural green from the birth place of Arabica Coffee to global coffee buyers & roasters. Our main aim is to provide the rich aromatic Ethiopian Arabica Coffee to the world.

Ethiopia has a large number of various sesame seeds. The well-known varieties are Humera, Gondar and Wollega types. The Humera variety is appreciated worldwide for its aroma and sweet taste. It is suitable for various bakery products. The Gondar type is also suitable for the bakery market. The major competitive advantage of the Wollega type is its high oil content.

In addition, Pulses crops are important components of crop production in Ethiopia’s smallholders’ agriculture, providing an economic advantage to small farm holdings as an alternative source of protein, cash income, and food security. Pulses have also played an important role in the export sector generating foreign currency for the country.