Sub dealers

Sub Dealers

ENITCO has currently eight spare parts sub dealers at various regional towns and one at Addis Ababa

All are serving customers at their region by supplying spare parts with proximity. Sub dealers contact Address and geographical location

No Sub Dealer Name Location Phone number
 1 Betsegah Trading  Addis Ababa  0114663653/0911815282   
 2 Global Automotive Service  Hawassa 0462205280/0916823296
 3 Hailemariam Amde  Gonder 0581116762
 4 Makda Spare Parts  Mekele  0911555490/0344406707
 5 Neju Vehicles Spare Parts  Harrar  0915740426/0256662312
 6 Sol Auto Spare Part  Dessie 03331124032
 8 Tis Abay Garage  Bhir Dar 0582201912/0918340365
 9 Zewdu Auto Spare Parts  Nazareth 0911242978/0911338872