MITSUBISHI LANCER EX (1600cc & 2000cc)
Pure Enjoyment.
At Mitsubishi Motors, we believe that a sedan should do more than just get you from point A to B. It should help you enjoy life. Give you the sheer pleasure of a smooth yet dynamic ride that fills you with joy and a feeling of exhilarating freedom. With class-topping performance and unparalleled comfort, Lancer EX does just that. So get behind the wheel and discover what it means to enjoy driving.
However you choose to drive, the pure excitement of the rally courses that gave birth to Lancer EX is unmistakable. It’s in the hum of power rising from beneath the hood, and the exquisite smoothness of the CVT as it shifts up and down. Once Lancer EX has spoken to you, you’ll understand.

The Compact Sedan you’ve been waiting for.
Everything you seek in a compact sedan is here in the new Attrage. From outstanding fuel economy to easy maneuverability, it meets your highest expectations. But the new Attrage doesn’t stop there. Its surprisingly roomy interior and wide-ranging amenities reach far beyond its class to enhance driving pleasure. The attractive exterior with bold sedan face and wide, stable rear is also aerodynamically shaped to enhance eco performance. The more you drive the new Attrage, the more you appreciate the little extras that make driving a joy.
Class-leading Fuel Efficiency.
The light weight body and smooth aerodynamic contribute to class-leading fuel efficiency, as well as smooth and stable acceleration. Traveling is more affordable, eco-friendly and enjoyable in the new Attrage.

Economic, but Quality Compact.
Enjoy 21 km/liter fuel efficiency thanks to a compact and efficient engine, weight-optimized engine and body, supreme aerodynamics and the lightest body in its class-plus the high quality and reliability for which Mitsubishi is renowned.